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6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Science, Biology, Earth and Space Sciences

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  • Videos, 49 seconds, CC, Subtitles

Regional Focus

North America, United States, USA - West, Oregon

Youth Climate Story: Wildfires in Oregon

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  • In this video, a teenager in Oregon describes how the changing weather patterns in her state are bringing about more floods, less snow, and more wildfires.
Teaching Tips


  • This is a personal narrative that might help students connect with and understand the impacts of climate change.
  • The speaker connects the warmer climate to less snowmelt in the summer, leading to more wildfires.

Additional Prerequisites

  • It may be useful for both teachers and students to understand the relationship between climate change and extreme weather.
  • The video is available for public viewing.


  • Biology and science classes could use this video to introduce lessons about the water cycle, photosynthesis, forests, and ecosystems.
  • Social studies classes could use this resource for lessons about water insecurity and the dangers associated with wildfires for rural communities.
  • Other resources about wildfires include this article and interactive resource about more wildfires in the United States, this interactive resource about Fires, and this Vox video about fire suppression.
Scientist Notes

There is no contradiction in the video. This resource is recommended for teaching.

  • Science and Engineering
    • ESS3: Earth and Human Activity
      • MS-ESS3-2 Analyze and interpret data on natural hazards to forecast future catastrophic events and inform the development of technologies to mitigate their effects.
      • HS-ESS3-6 Use a computational representation to illustrate the relationships among Earth systems and how those relationships are being modified due to human activity.
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