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Yale Program on Climate Change Communication


9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, AP® / College


Science, Social Studies, Economics, Civics, English Language Arts, Mathematics

Resource Types

  • Scientific Papers or Reports
  • Charts, Graphs, and Tables

Regional Focus




International Public Opinion on Climate Change

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  • This report summarizes the results of a 2021 Facebook survey about climate change from respondents all over the world.
  • Students can read the data summary and observe numerous charts that provide the details of survey responses by country.
Teaching Tips


  • This report shows the global consensus surrounding some aspects of climate change; particularly that it is happening, it is harmful, there is global support for the Paris Agreement, and that people want their governments to do more to address it.
  • Students could use this resource to evaluate the reasons why people in certain countries might not be as worried about climate change or why they may be more worried about climate change.

Additional Prerequisites

  • Students should know how to read a bar graph.
  • This survey was only offered to people who had been active on Facebook in January or February of 2021, so this may not be a representative analysis of public opinion in the countries identified.


  • Math classes could evaluate the information in the data and graphs and discuss data collection and survey data in general as applications of math in society.
  • Language arts classes could discuss the influence of media reporting and advertising on public opinion and connect to the topics of free speech, spreading misinformation, and media literacy.
  • Social studies and civics classes could use this report to discuss solutions to problems that benefit society and cultural or historical differences in communities that shape their perceptions of global issues.
Scientist Notes
The resource explores the people's perception of climate change through Facebook social media. Although the study and method used were rigorous, limitations are in the sampling technique as the most vulnerable populations impacted by climate change are not Facebook users. However, this resource is recommended for teaching.
  • Social Studies
    • Civics & Government
      • Civics & Government 1 (F2): Students understand the ideals, purposes, principles, structures, and processes of constitutional government in the United States and in the American political system, as well as examples of other forms of government and political systems in the world by explaining how and why democratic institutions and interpretations of democratic ideals and constitutional principles change over time.
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