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9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Science, Physics, Earth and Space Sciences, English Language Arts

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Hydropower Reading Comprehension

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  • This resource details the positives and negatives of hydropower and includes a teacher's guide, reading comprehension handout, and sources for additional research and learning. 
  • The reading includes graphs, data, and infographics to help students understand how hydropower works and how it impacts the environment.

Teaching Tips


  • This resource has everything needed to utilize it as a handout, homework assignment, or classroom assignment. 
  • The graphics included in the worksheet are informative and engaging, and the comprehension questions do a good job assessing student understanding of the text. 

Additional Prerequisites

  • Consider distributing the worksheet digitally in order to reduce paper use. 


  • This resource would work equally well in a science class that is learning about renewable energy sources or a language arts class that is working on nonfiction reading comprehension strategies. 
  • This resource lends itself well to a jigsaw activity, where students focus their attention on one or two assigned questions and share their thinking with a partner or group. 
  • As an optional extension activity, have students research the nearest source of hydropower. 
Scientist Notes
The energy sector greatly benefits from hydropower. It has restrictions even though it is a renewable source of energy. This teaching resource emphasizes the benefits and drawbacks of hydropower. Classrooms should use this resource.
  • Science and Engineering
    • ESS2: Earth’s Systems
      • HS-ESS2-5 Plan and conduct an investigation of the properties of water and its effects on Earth materials and surface processes.
    • ESS3: Earth and Human Activity
      • HS-ESS3-4 Evaluate or refine a technological solution that reduces impacts of human activities on natural systems.
  • English Language Arts
    • Reading (K-12)
      • R.9-12.12 Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.
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