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6th, 7th, 8th


Social Studies, Civics

Resource Types

  • Activity - Classroom
  • Lesson Plans, 90 minutes

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Climate Activism

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  • In this activity students will conduct research and create a poster about a notable climate activist. 

Teaching Tips


  • This resource introduces 20 climate activists to students, including many BIPOC activists like Vic Barrett, Isra Hirsi, Xiye Bastida, and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.
  • This is a great lesson for public speaking practice.

Additional Prerequisites

  • If the educator is familiar with a handful of the activists on the list, facilitation could be seamless.
  • Notable activists not on this list include Bill McKibben, Vanessa Nakate, Katharine Hayhoe, and Varshini Prakash.


  • Students could work in groups and share roles in this project. Students who like creating visual art can pair with students who like to conduct research, read, and write.
  • Make sure students choose different activists so presentations are not repetitive.
  • Students could create a video about their chosen climate activist instead of creating a poster.
  • Other resources on climate activism include this video about Greta Thunberg's work, this video highlighting four youth activists, this video about the youth climate movement, and this SubjectToClimate lesson plan.
Scientist Notes
This activity provides a list of notable climate activists and has students in pairs/groups research and prepare a poster describing the work and action of their selected climate activist. There is not much information within the lesson itself, so students will need to use the internet or other sources for their research. This activity is recommended for teaching.
  • English Language Arts
    • Speaking and Listening (K-12)
      • SL.6-8.3 Present information and supporting evidence appropriate to task, purpose, and audience so listeners can follow the line of reasoning and incorporate multimedia when appropriate.
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