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6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Science, Earth and Space Sciences

Resource Types

  • Charts, Graphs, and Tables
  • Interactive Media

Regional Focus

Polar Regions

Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Extent

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  • This page shows a graph of historical data (including the most recent measurements) of the minimum amount of Arctic sea ice each year.
  • The page also includes the average rate of change over time and an interactive map visually showing the changes in Arctic sea ice over time.
Teaching Tips
  • Graphs and text are straightforward and easy to understand.
  • The time-lapse video is very powerful.
Additional Prerequisites
  • The data is in square kilometers. 
  • This is a great resource to use as a hook for a lesson or unit on climate change or habitat degradation.
  • This resource can also be used as an introduction to and/or an example of positive (self-reinforcing) feedback loops.
  • Connections can be made to the loss of habitat for Arctic species and the effects of the change in energy balance as the albedo of the Arctic changes.
Scientist Notes

The visuals show a decline in Arctic sea ice due to global warming. The resource is valid, datasets used are accurate, and this resource is recommended for teaching.

  • Science and Engineering
    • ESS2: Earth’s Systems
      • HS-ESS2-2 Analyze geoscience data to make the claim that one change to Earth’s surface can create feedbacks that cause changes to other Earth systems.
    • ESS3: Earth and Human Activity
      • MS-ESS3-3 Apply scientific principles to design a method for monitoring and minimizing a human impact on the environment.
      • HS-ESS3-5 Analyze geoscience data and the results from global climate models to make an evidence-based forecast of the current rate of global or regional climate change and associated future impacts to Earth’s systems.
      • HS-ESS3-6 Use a computational representation to illustrate the relationships among Earth systems and how those relationships are being modified due to human activity.
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