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Science, English Language Arts

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Global, South and Central America

"Andrea & Flavio's Fantastic Forest Farm"

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  • This picture book tells the story of Andrea, Flavio, and Earthly as they explore sustainable farming methods in Brazil. 
  • This story is the 7th book in a series in which Earthly and other characters learn about how climate change is affecting their lives and the natural world. 

Teaching Tips


  • This book provides a concise and age-appropriate explanation of how agricultural practices can contribute to climate change.
  • It presents some sustainable farming practices in a visual and accessible format.

Additional Prerequisites

  • Throughout the book, the story references climate change, so it may be helpful to introduce students to this concept before reading.
  • This book is the seventh book as part of a series.


  • Social studies or geography classes could use this book (and the others in this series) to explore how kids in different countries around the world are combating climate change.
  • This book can be used in an English language arts class to investigate features of informational texts.
  • Additional resources that could support this lesson include the first book in this series and this build-a-biome activity.
Scientist Notes
This children's e-book explains the benefits of forest gardens and how monoculture industrial farms are harmful to the environment. This resource is recommended for teaching.
  • Science and Engineering
    • ESS3: Earth and Human Activity
      • 5-ESS3-1 Obtain and combine information about ways individual communities use science ideas to protect the Earth’s resources and environment.
  • English Language Arts
    • Reading (K-12)
      • R.5.6 Analyze how and why individuals, events, and ideas develop and interact over the course of a text.
  • Social Studies
    • Geography
      • Geography 2: Students understand the influence of geography on individuals and groups in Maine, including Maine Native Americans, the United States and the world by identifying the impacts of geographic features on individuals and groups in those communities.
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