Storm Blasts East Coast, Midwest with Snow, Ice, Gale-Force Winds

Jan 18, 2022

A powerful winter storm named Izzy dumped more than a foot of snow on some eastern and Midwestern states on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. That came after the storm lashed the East Coast over the weekend.

Blowing snow and ice caused streets to become slick. That led to hundreds of accidents and white-out conditions. Multiple tornadoes touched down in Florida and one in the lower Midwest, meteorologists said.

At least two people were confirmed dead. The storm knocked out power to more than 100,000 people, mostly along the East Coast. Power was restored to most by Monday night. Thousands of flights were canceled.

The brutal winter storm first hit the South on Sunday. Snow and ice covered streets as far south as the Carolinas and Mississippi. By Monday, the low-pressure storm system had traveled northwest. More than a foot of snow fell in parts of New York and Pennsylvania. 25 inches had fallen in far northeast Ohio by Monday evening.

The storm picked and chose its geographic victims. For example, Jackson, Mississippi, received just a dusting of snow. The small town of Goshen, just 25 miles north, got eight inches, USA Today reported.

The two deaths resulted from a single-vehicle accident Sunday. It happened in North Carolina. Officials said the car was moving too swiftly on the icy road.

Photo from Reuters.

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