Earth Day 2022 Rallying Cry: Invest in Our Planet

Apr 22, 2022

5 Environmental Facts That May Surprise You

Today is Earth Day 2022. It's a day on the calendar when billions of people all over the world celebrate and advocate for our planet’s health. This year’s Earth Day theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” It’s something that gets more attention each year as climate change continues.

Nature activists in the US say it’s important to take note of how much government laws have done for nature. They say we should recognize the importance of those laws. They should remain a top priority.

The first Earth Day came in 1970. Since then, Congress has passed laws to improve our climate and to create programs that help people access nature. 

Those laws also have reduced biodiversity loss. They've helped animals adapt to the effects of climate change. Nature advocates also note that this investment has helped the economy. One estimate says the outdoor recreation economy totals $689 billion each year.

On this Earth Day, many advocates argue that we need to keep investing in nature.

What is the purpose of the third and fourth paragraphs? (Common Core RI.5.6; RI.6.6)
a. to introduce what Earth Day is and how it started
b. to provide quotes that illustrate the value of investing in the environment
c. to educate the reader about the laws that have been passed to support the protection of the planet
d. to demonstrate what steps environmental activists have taken to protect the planet
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