Earth Day Theme 2024: Planet Vs. Plastics

Apr 22, 2024

Earth Day 2024 Theme: Planet Vs. Plastics

Over a billion people worldwide are expected to observe Earth Day on Monday. The day is meant to shine a spotlight on the beauty and the struggles of our planet. 

The first seeds of Earth Day were planted in the US in 1970. The event has since spread to more than 190 countries. It has inspired major efforts in environmental protection. Those include the Paris Climate Accords in 2016 and Earth Day Week 2020. The Accords were signed by 195 nations on Earth Day in 2016. And Earth Day Week 2020 is widely believed to be the largest online mass mobilization of people in history.   

This year, is asking people around the globe to focus on plastic pollution.  

“Plastics ... present a grave threat to human health as alarming as climate change,” said in a press release. “As plastics break down into microplastics, they release toxic chemicals into our food and water.” president Kathleen Rogers notes that humans produce 380 million tons of plastic per year. The organization’s Earth Day goal this year is to lead a global push to reduce plastic production 60% by 2040.

“The Planet vs. Plastics campaign is a call to arms," Rogers said. She adds it demands that "we act now to end the scourge of plastics and safeguard the health of every living being upon our planet." 

To achieve a 60% drop, says it must raise awareness of the dangers of plastic waste. It calls for phasing out all single-use plastics by 2030. Those include things like straws or grocery bags. It also calls for investing in new, safer products.   

Reflect: If you could draw the world’s attention to one specific environmental issue, which one would you pick, and why?

GIF of spinning earth courtesy @levberry on GIPHY.

What is the central idea of the text about Earth Day? (Common Core RI.5.2; RI.6.2)
a. Earth Day is a celebration that focuses mainly on planting trees.
b. Earth Day is primarily a local event with limited international participation.
c. The main focus of Earth Day is to raise awareness on endangered animals.
d. Earth Day emphasizes the need for global cooperation to tackle environmental issues like plastic pollution.
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