China Building 590-Foot 3D Printed Dam With Robots and No Humans

May 17, 2022

China is planning to build a dam without any workers. The Asian country plans to use 3D printing, extra-juiceartificial intelligence (AI), and robots.

The dam is set to be finished in 2024. The Yangqu Dam would be 590-feet tall. It would be the largest 3D printed structure in the world. The current record holder is a 20-foot building in Dubai. Among dams, it would crack the top 50 in height. 

The dam is to be built in layers, researchers said in April. AI is to control driverless bulldozers, paving machines, and robotic rollers, and keep track of the project.

Scientists say this method will stop human error. It will also get rid of safety threats because no workers will be involved.

Once built, the Yangqu Dam is expected to generate 5 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity yearly. 

The project leader said that advancements in 3D printing have changed the technology into one “identical to nature.” He added that the project could become a blueprint for future construction. 

Photo by Michael Dziedzic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

What is the second paragraph meant to emphasize? (Common Core RI.5.6; RI.6.6)
a. the technology used to develop the Yangqu Dam
b. the amount of electricity that will be generated by the Yangqu Dam
c. the increased safety in building the Yangqu Dam compared to the construction of buildings without AI
d. the size of the Yangqu Dam in comparison to other similar structures
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